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Displaying the last place where the enemy was seen

About script

Displaying a timer for the appearance of neutral monsters

Displaying health, mana, and the presence of summoner skills of all opponents

The distance by which he could move away from the point where he was last seen from that moment

Displaying the location where the enemy uses the return to base

Displaying the Stealth Ward and its time of action

The direction of the enemy's movement

Summoner spell recharge display

Displaying upgraded skills

Skill cooldown display

Displaying the enemy's return to base

Displaying the enemy's return to base timer

Displaying the Control Ward

Displaying an Farsight Alteration

Displaying the attack radius of enemy towers

Displaying the radius of the hero's skills

Camera zoom

List of features

Support for all champions
Target selection for attack
Automatic target selection
Flexible adjustment of skills
Kill still
Auto last hit creeps
Setting up Jungle Clearing
Auto activation of items
Auto Potion
Auto smite
Auto InSec and KeyBlade
Yasuo exploit
Auto Yumi

Scripts of Champions

Displaying clones of champions
Log Cleaner
Ready-made custom configs
Fake clicks
Skin changer
Anti AFK

Other features

Auto use the cooldown of summoner/spells
Displaying the cooldown of summoner/spells
Displaying the radius of spells

Auto Summoner Spells

Skill cooldown timer
Visual precomputation Precomputation of skills

Ez Evade - Evasion

Auto kite
Visual precomputation Precomputation of skills


Wards/traps display
Tower radius display
Neutral monsters respawn timer
Camera Zoom hack
Warning about ganks

Visual features

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  • I bought a try for 1 day, everything is fine! The basis is in diamond. I bought it because I like to cheat in games. In lola, I always wanted to play with a maphak or some kind of stray. I saw this hack and was shocked. It gives an advantage not only for players who play poorly, but even for high-tech people.
  • A good script. I am very satisfied, with my level of play, I crawled out 2 games in the evening in the year of Vesta in 2 weeks. Everything works, all functions are flexibly configured, problems are immediately helped and answered very quickly. Thanks for your efforts guys.
  • Well, I took the key for a day, ran around, excellent software, everything works with a bang, the interface is good (plus you can configure it), finishing and combos at the level, in short, justifies its price, I haven't seen the dls standards for the league for a long time, so I advise everyone.

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